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Vendor Suggestion Contact

You can mail us if you would like to recommend a vendor to Also, to recommend a vendor, you need to share the website and category.

Also, Include as many relevant resources, like reviews or awards. The research team will include the vendor in our research funnel. We will publish the vendor based on the firms ranking in our analysis.

Do mail us your vendor suggestions.

Category Suggestion Contact

Let us know if you would like to include a new category on the website. A new category can be for a product or service offered by vendors. Also, include all data available on the category.

Our team will research to find the demand for the category. We publish if the category has enough demand online. Besides, you could recommend top vendors in the category. This will help our team find relevant firms.

Research & Analysis Team

Connect with our analysis team to know more about Recovendor research. Our team will answer any questions you have on our methodology.

Also, you can provide your suggestions to the research team. We are always improving our process. To provide quality results to our users.

Besides, The team’s goal is to provide as much help as possible to users. In their research to find the best vendors in the world.


Contact our editors if you would like to provide any suggestions. Also, if you have any questions on any article. Or need more information on the site content. Or need to point a mistake on the site.

Besides, you can share any grammatical, spelling, or factual errors. Please do include the page link of the error. Also, explain the error as detailed as possible.

Webmaster Contact

Contact our webmaster to provide any suggestions on the site. Also, you could request any feature you would like to see on the site.

We at works every day to improve our service for our users. The feedback you share can help us optimize our website for our customers.

If you find any errors on the site, feel free to point it out to us. Also, Include the page URL and details of the issue as detailed as possible.

Connect with us to know more about our ad policy. does not use any third-party tools on the site to serve ads. Also, You can showcase your product or service in selected categories.

Contact us to know more about the rates, format and placement details. Also, you can let us know any feedback on the ads running on the site.


Check for any open position on careers before you apply. Share your resume if there are any open positions suitable for you. Include your recent article if you are applying for the editor.

Also, you can ask us any questions you have on our workplace. Besides, is a decentralized workplace. We operate with distributed remote teams around the world.


Contact us if you would like to know more about a category or page. Also, As a user, you might have questions on the content of an article.

Also, you might need help with knowing factors to consider choosing a vendor. Feel free to clarify any questions you have with our team. Our team tries to answer your questions within 24 hours.

Press Contact

Contact us for any public relations or press related matters. Also, The PR team will connect with you in 24 hour’s time.

Terms And Conditions

You can read more about our terms of service on our terms and conditions page. Also, Feel free to talk to us if you have any questions on our terms and conditions.


Do refer to our privacy policy page for details on privacy. Also, You can contact us to know more about our privacy policy. We abide by GDPR and CCPA policies.

Also, Know more about them on our policy page. Let us know if you need to remove any data from the website. Besides, does not collect any personal data from the user.


GDPR provides many data protection rights. As a user, you can request a copy of your data. Also, You can ask a business to make corrections or delete your data.

Besides, you can object to the processing of data. Also, you can transfer data to another firm. The business gets one month to process the user request. Also, does not collect any data from its users.

If you feel you have any questions on GDPR, contact us.


CCPA lets you request the data a business collects. Also, you can ask the business not to sell your personal data. Besides, You can request the business to delete any data collected.

The business has a month to respond to your request. Also, does not collect any user data on the website.

Also, we do not use any tools for ads on the site that collects data. Contact us if you would like to talk about CCPA related matters.