6 Top Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Sites

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#1 Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is an easy and safe way to purchase hashpower without having to deal with complex hardware and software setup. Genesis Mining specializes in building the most efficient and reliable mining rigs that can be rented. Plus, they have experts for cooling and maintaining data centers. Genesis Mining is the world’s leading and most transparent hosted hashpower provider for Bitcoin and Altcoins. They are heavily investing in the best available hardware to stay at the edge of technology. For you, it is the easiest way of mining: no need to assemble rigs or to have hot, loud miners in your home. Here you can Mine Coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero and ZCash. Bitcoin Mining Contracts are Lifetime Contracts and all other Mining Contracts are 2 Year Contracts.

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#2 MyCoinCloud

MyCoinCloud mining farm is situated in Bulgaria and they use some of the most efficient miners on the market. They constantly update their farm in order to provide their clients with one of the best cloud services. They have the huge advantage that electricity in Bulgaria is relatively cheaper than in other countries and that’s why they give their customers a chance to return their investment faster with the purchased contracts. Here you can Mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin. Here you have two plans 3 Months and Lifetime Plans which applies for all contracts.

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#3 CCG Mining

CCG International Limited is at 85 Great Portland Street, WIW 7LT London. They have up to 6 data centers in different countries including Poland, Great Britain, Russia, Latvia, Austria and the Czech Republic. Each of these centers has its own office but the major one is at 85 Greta Portland Street W1W 7LT London. Here you can do different Mining through Mining Rigs, Cloud Mining Contracts and VIP Packages. In Mining Rigs 7 Plans Basic, Basic+, Advanced, Advanced Turbo+, Fury, Fury Tubro+ and Custom Mining Rigs. In Cloud Mining Contracs you can Mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Monero and Dash. Here Dash have 1 Year Contracts and Other Coins have 2 Years Mining Contracts. And Bitcoin have 1 year and open ended contracts. In VIP Packages Silver, Gold, Platinum and Custom Plans. Join Now and Start mining your Favorite Coins.

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#4 BitClub Network

Bitclub Network has been registered since July 2014 in the Netherlands.It is a program that offers to earn money by investing in the mining of Bitcoins, ie the creation of cryptocurrency by interconnected computers.The mines are in Reykjavik in Iceland.4 Bitcoin mining plans available:Pool 1: $ 500; Profit: 50% and reinvestment 50% for 1000 daysPool 2: $ 1000; Profit: 60% and reinvestment 40% for 1000 daysPool 3: $ 2000; Profit: 70% and reinvestment 30% for 1000 daysFounder Pool: $ 3500 with a 1-2-3 pool share for 1000 days2 ETH, ETC, ZEC or XMR Mining PlansGPU Pool: a share of $ 1000 for 2000 days without RepurchaseGPU Founder: Five shares for $ 5000 for 2000 daysProfits are paid daily over a period of 1000 daysTo be active and be able to buy mining plans; you need a $ 99 membership.The site proposes different plans of remuneration of referral (Sponsorship) of which a binary plan on 2 branches which can be very interesting.

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#5 Minergate

Minergate mining pool has been created by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. They have started with bitcoin mining but soon expanded the pool for multiple altcoins and introduced the option to simultaneously mine different coins without the decrease in hashrate. The hashpower for bitcoin cloud mining is provided by Hashing24 company. Hashing24 is a Scotland based cloud mining service provided which is using ASIC miner chips from the newest series to keep mining profitable. Their mining farm is located in Iceland and Georgia. They are using air and immersion cooling technology in order to keep costs at a low level. Here you can do Both Cloud Mining and Equipment Mining and Earn Profits.

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#6 HashFlare

Hashflare turns cryptocurrency mining accessible to everyone. There is no need to buy expensive and complex mining equipment, Hashflare wants to make mining accessible for all users around the globe no matter of age or background. The clients only need to select a desired hashpower and start generating revenue right away with the Hashflare cloud mining service. Earnings with cloud mining becomes more predictable with Hashflare than it used to be during traditional bitcoin hardware mining. The hashrates starts from as little as 10GH/s, so new clients does not need to invest a lot of funds to join the cloud mining business. Here you can Mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash and Dash Mining. All Contracts Run upto 1 Year Cloud Mining.

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