10 Top Data Mining Companies

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#1 Palantir

At Palantir, we're helping world's most important institutions use their data to solve their most urgent problems. Pioneer among top data mining companies. Our software lets our customers integrate and analyze all of their data so they can answer questions that they couldn't before. From delivering disaster relief to building safer automobiles, we're honored to help make our partners better at their most important work. Together with our customers, we're building the future of national security, healthcare, energy, finance, manufacturing, and more. And we need bright minds from around the world to help us.

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#2 DataFox

DataFox helps industry-leading businesses gain control of customer insights with CRM Orchestration among data mining companies. DataFox's machine learning and natural language processing algorithms structure data on millions of businesses and deliver reliable insights into the workflows where they're most needed. Backed by Goldman Sachs, Green Visor, Google Ventures, and Slack, DataFox is used by high-growth startups and Fortune 500 companies like UPS, Visa, Twilio, and InsightSquared to identify and accelerate business opportunities.

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#3 Dataminr

Dataminr discovers high-impact events and critical breaking information for clients across industries long before it's in the news. Recognized as one of the world’s leading businesses in AI and Machine Learning innovation, Dataminr is pioneering groundbreaking technology for detecting, classifying, and determining the significance of public information in real time. Our solutions for Corporate Security, PR/Crisis Communications, News, the Public Sector, and Finance are relied on 24/7 by thousands of clients in over 70 countries.

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#4 Bottlenose

Bottlenose is a cognitive computing company that makes data analysis easy. By automating machine learning, data mining, and predictive analytics, Bottlenose helps our clients spend more time extracting insights and less time managing data. Our platform, Nerve Center®, makes BI live and interactive. It detects patterns and trends in massive amounts of rapidly changing data to help customers achieve Business Awareness – complete insight into what is going on in and around the organization.

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#5 Kaggle

Kaggle provides cutting-edge data science, faster and better than most people ever thought possible. We have a proven track-record of solving real-world problems across a diverse array of industries including pharmaceuticals, financial services, energy, information technology, and retail. Kaggle offers both public and private data science competitions and on-demand consulting by an elite global talent pool.

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#6 RapidMiner

RapidMiner builds software for real data science, fast and simple. We make data science teams more productive through a single platform that unifies data prep, machine learning, and model deployment. More than 200,000 users in over 150 countries use RapidMiner products to acquire more customers, reduce financial risk, and increase operational performance.

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#7 TradeBlock

TradeBlock serve financial institutions with execution and analysis tools that capitalize on the incredible potential of block chain technologies. We are headquartered in New York City, but serve clients across the United States, Europe and Asia. TradeBlock is a globally-recognized source of digital currency analysis, covering all industry topics including trading, regulations, mining, protocol updates, block chain analysis and economic developments. Research is currently available exclusively for our private clients.

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#8 Celonis

Celonis is the leading global supplier of enterprise-ready Process Mining software. With its unique Celonis Process Mining technology, it offers a versatile, innovative, industry-independent analytics solution for optimizing IT-driven processes in large enterprises. Celonis enables its customer to run transparently: Siemens, ABB, Bayer, RWE, EDEKA, Vodafone, and many other customers have all placed their confidence in Celonis’ strength and capacity for innovation. The headquarters of Celonis is located in Munich, Germany.

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#9 Sentiance

Sentiance is a data science company turning IOT sensor data into rich insights about people’s behavior and real-time context. These insights enable companies to understand how customers go through their everyday lives, discover and anticipate the moments that matter most, and adapt their engagement to real-world behavior and real-time context. The Sentiance SaaS platform collects sensor data from smartphones and IOT devices to interpret situational context in real-time and understand user activities and whereabouts.This data is aggregated to create rich behavioral profiles and support predictive capabilities.

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#10 Alegion

Alegion does this by cultivating a legion of skilled, on-demand workers around the world to produce exemplary AI Training Data, and digital content. Alegion helps companies during and after deployment of the AI solution by validating algorithms and developing rules for the handling of exceptions. These capabilities lead to greater quality control of AI/ML initiatives at the outset as well as speedier, more efficient deployments.

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