Top Enterprise Content Management Software System (ECM)

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List of Top Enterprise Content Management Software System (ECM)

ECM software list rated by professionals. Find the best enterprise content management solution system.

1. Algoworks

Algoworks provides technology services ranging from consulting to development/customization and support/testing services in software product engineering. We follow a consultative-driven approach for providing end-to-end expertise in bespoke mobility solutions. We have acute finesse in CRM technologies like Salesforce and unmatched excellence in ECM technologies. Algoworks' Business Intelligence department further helps decorate your business excellence with a BI guided roadmap. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have a wide span of technology experts under the same roof - one of the reasons why we are not just fan-favourite, but also recognized as among the best technology companies by Deloitte & SiliconIndia!
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2. Capita

Capita provides software solutions and managed services to organizations throughout the public sector, with a growing presence in the private sector. Advantage ECM, powered by Swordfish, paves the way to a paper-less environment in which information flows seamlessly through your organization from start to finish. With repetitive tasks automated wherever possible, and instant access to data, your staff is empowered to achieve more and provide a better service for your customers. Information is captured from your documents as they arrive into your business, indexed and integrated into your systems and workflow. Intuitive search functions make retrieval easy, while clever rules control document access and movement. All complemented by the added twin benefits of increased security and compliance. Advantage ECM software takes control of the movement of every piece of data through scanning, indexing, retrieval, updating, storing, archiving and safe disposal.
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3. GSPANN Technologies

GSPANN is a US California Bay Area based consulting services provider focused on implementations in the Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence & Mobile Solutions initiatives. More than 90% of our current clientele are FORTUNE 1000 organizations. We specialize in strategy, architecture, delivery and support of solutions in the ECM, BI, and Mobility space. As digital content continues to grow exponentially, organizations are facing challenges to collect, curate, organize and find the content they produce or acquire from others. Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software address these challenges by leveraging new, or your existing, content management platforms—including web content management, digital asset management, product information management, document and records management, and search platforms.
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4. FileTrail

FileTrail is a leader in the ECM world, providing physical records and digital assets management solutions that are highly configurable, scalable, and efficient. Through records compliance, retention and tracking, managing, searching for, and locating items across your organization has been re-imagined and simplified. With over 14 years of experience and expertise, FileTrail has developed a records management solution that is customer focused and end-user tested by adapting to each customer’s needs. Through cloud, on-premises and in partnership with Microsoft SharePoint, FileTrail applications and RFID solutions have been implemented by more than 500 enterprise organizations around the world.
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5. Laserfiche

Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management software has been trusted by more than 35,000 organizations worldwide to manage, secure and share information. As a privately-held company based in California, Laserfiche develops solutions for capture, workflow, forms, e-signatures and case management that help organizations drive business value and make timely, informed decisions. Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) software transforms how organizations manage information to enable a digital workplace, optimize costs and drive better business results. Using Laserfiche, organizations can innovate how documents and unstructured information are processed and analyzed to achieve business results. Laserfiche provides intuitive solutions for capture, electronic forms, workflow, case management, cloud, mobile and government-certified records management.
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6. Athento

Athento is a document management platform with a suite of products for Enterprise Content Management and Document Capture. Athento Smart Document Management incorporates leading-edge technology such as Machine Learning, Semantics and Image Processing to automate processes related to work on documents. Athento helps businesses automate processes related to the capture, management, storage and delivery of documents. Athento offers a powerful ECM platform and its document capture software that allows your company to cover the entire business content lifecycle. With Athento, you can create new versions of your documents and keep them accessible at all times. Athento also provides useful features for documents whose content will not change, in order to keep this type of content undamaged and unchanged for long periods of time.
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7. KeyMark

KeyMark is a leading provider of ECM software solutions including data capture, document management, and workflow across the enterprise. By implementing the finest products in the industry and providing responsive, standard-setting support, KeyMark will deliver tangible returns-on-investment by elevating and improving efficiency in your organization. At KeyMark, we pride ourselves in being a leading reseller of both OnBase by Hyland and Kofax, the gold standards in Enterprise Content Management Software. OnBase ECM Software can capture, store and manage virtually every document. KeyMark enjoys Platinum status awarded to top-performing partners and Diamond status honors for providing excellent support and service to our customers.
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8. Ascend Software

Since 1997, Ascend Software has developed business process management solutions which provide greater cost savings automation and faster implementation. Ascend’s enterprise content management solution was designed from the ground up to archive all types of information (i.e., documents, reports, images and all file types) and in their native format. Ascend’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software is a robust enterprise report and document management solution that seamlessly accepts output from UNIX, Windows, iSeries, and other midrange and mainframe systems. Ascend’s ECM provides the user with the ability to view the documents and organize them in public or private folders, fix row and column headings, attach electronic sticky notes, among many other user-friendly features. It’s unique ability to store unlimited document types provides a flexible solution that will grow with your needs.
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9. Protiviti

Effective Enterprise Content Management is essential for organizations looking to manage their information lifecycle from inception to disposal and everything in between. By combining the capture, search and networking of documents with digital document management and workflow, organizations can utilize ECM to improve efficiency while reducing costs. Protiviti’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system helps clients maximize their technology investments by delivering solutions that provide real value to the business. Clients benefit from a cross-functional team with a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen. Protiviti’s award-winning team of SharePoint MVPs, creative designers, information architects and business analysts delivers business solutions, stunning designs and exceptional user experiences while also addressing regulatory, risk and compliance requirements. Protiviti’s primary ECM Solutions include Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Sitecore, Kentico, .NET,, SQL Server suite and Azure.
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10. capSpire

capSpire is a global consulting and solutions company that creates, customizes and implements meaningful technology for commodity-focused organizations. With expertise in commodities trading, risk management, data analytics and enterprise content management, capSpire creates valuable technological and business process solutions for Fortune 500 companies. We take great pride in partnering with our customers to define and implement Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software solutions that optimize data processes and provide better visibility and access to corporate information. capSpire’s ECM team is led by respected leaders with decades of experience, known for their insight and providing innovative solutions for our clients. Experience with both the business and IT sides of the coin gives us unique insight and oversight for companies looking to implement an ECM system that will integrate with its business processes and systems to deliver on corporate expectations.
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11. Everteam

We automate and streamline business workflows, which would otherwise be time-consuming, error-ridden, and non-compliant. We serve organizations around the world which require dynamic, scalable, secure, and compliant solutions to better serve their customers. Everteam ECM system provides the tools you need to identify, search and retrieve information regardless of source, format or location, enabling you to quickly find the information you need, when you need it, for better decision making. Gain widespread adoption of your ECM project, enabling both the business and IT sides of the house to contribute to your content strategy. Everteam ECM’s ease of use and intuitive interface puts users first, without requiring heavy customization.
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12. M-Files Corporation

M-Files enterprise information management solutions (EIM) improve and simplify how businesses manage documents and other information in order to become more productive, more efficient and stay compliant. M-Files eliminates information silos and provides quick and easy access to the right content from any core business system and device. M-Files was included by Gartner, Inc. in the 2016 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management. Gartner’s assessment of M-Files metadata driven ECM Solution is based on its completeness of vision and ability to execute. Our ECM is dynamic and personalized; information shows up differently for different roles, teams and individuals. Our ECM system isn’t concerned with the location of information, only the context in which it is needed and its relevance to the task at hand.
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13. Newgen Software

Newgen Software, is a leading global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Case Management solutions with a global footprint of 1300+ customer installations in over 61 countries with large, mission-critical solutions deployed at world’s leading Banks, Insurance firms, Healthcare Organizations, Governments, Shared Service Centers, BPO’s & Telecom Companies. The OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management Software (ECM) is the market leading solution to enable “digital transformation of your enterprise”. It allows the end-to-end management of enterprise content right from capture to disposition. It delivers contextual information to business stakeholders for improved collaboration, smarter decision making and enhanced customer satisfaction. OmniDocs Enterprise Content Management software provides the flexibility to access or deliver content over Mobile and Cloud creating a highly connected and digital workplace. It offers a robust US DoD 5015.2 certified Records Management System to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements around management of records.
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14. Alfresco

Alfresco is an enterprise open-source software company focused on driving the convergence of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) to advance the flow of digital business. Alfresco One is a hybrid cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform that manages and synchronizes content across cloud and on-premises repositories. Industry-leading mobile platforms and application integration allows users to collaborate on business-critical content wherever and however they work. Alfresco open, modern architecture enables easy extension and customization, while integrated records management simplifies and strengthens information governance and compliance. Alfresco One manages more than seven billion documents for thousands of companies worldwide.
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15. Systemware

Systemware, Inc. provides enterprise content management (ECM) software solutions that capture, organize, manage and deliver the exact information you need, when you need it, all within the context of your business process. Founded in 1981, Systemware quickly established itself as a developer of products that effectively managed enterprise content as well as documents. Systemware leads the industry in scalability, flexibility as well as the ability to easily integrate with existing software applications. In addition to providing a range of ECM software products, Systemware has developed a suite of applications that streamline the flow of documents and information through a variety of business processes. Based on their proven core technology, Systemware solutions records management to healthcare remittance processing to e-statements.
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16. Requordit

Requordit Inc. is a leading technology company, with over a decade of experience in helping organizations build intuitive and effective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software solutions. With an emphasis on document management, business process automation and records management, our solutions have been developed and implemented within various industries including Government, Manufacturing, Higher Education, Finance and Healthcare. Requordit offers a full range of enterprise content management (ECM) and document imaging solutions for a wide variety of industries and departments therein. At Requordit, we work as a technology advocate for our clients, providing easy-to-use solutions that increase efficiency every time. Not only can we tailor solutions to meet a broad set of requirements, we also provide consulting services to help maximize, automate and streamline your technology investment.
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17. Upland FileBound

We are experts in Workflow Automation and Document Management Solutions, and also offer strategic business insight concerning Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Automation. Founded in 2001, FileBound is a global leader in cloud software for content management and workflow automation that helps organizations increase efficiency and productivity, while simultaneously reducing their operating expenses. Our document and workflow software includes all of the components needed for world-class automation in a single, easy-to-use package. A comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, FileBound includes e-forms, data capture, analytics, mobility and integration, so there’s no need to buy extra modules to ensure work flows smoothly throughout the enterprise.
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18. Paragon Solutions

Paragon is a business and technology consulting firm that specializes in enterprise information management to help clients achieve better business results. Our nationally-recognized enterprise content management system experts have been singled out for excellence and innovation in ECM. We deliver customized Enterprise Content Management Solutions that are backed by compelling business cases. We deliver content management solutions designed to make your information assets best serve your business goals. The company does this through its industry practices, solution accelerators and specialized technology competencies that help clients achieve operational efficiency, business capability and regulatory compliance.
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19. Clavax

Clavax offers a complete range of solutions and services to manage your content and optimize the performance of your business organization. Driven by expert skills, experience and industry knowledge, our content management solutions are designed to leverage our clients' business ventures.
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20. OpenKM

OpenKM helps you to optimize the quality and consistency of your processes, automate the guidelines and assist your organization in managing your results. ECM is primarily aimed at managing the life-cycle of information from initial publication or creation all the way through archival and eventually disposal. OpenKM has been specially designed to manage enterprise critical content and regulatory compliance. Enterprise Content Management helps you in simplify the management of corporate information, simplify storage processes, implement a global and centralized security model for information, improve and simplify business processes, establish policies for retention, transfer and destruction of information, encourage connectivity between systems, remove barriers that prevent information from being shared, cost savings, universal access to information, improve the efficiency of the organization, increase the control of information within the organization, simplify and control processes with Workflows, helps you to set a company culture focused on mutual support and efficiency, implement tools to connect people and processes.
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