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#1 ePROMIS Solutions

ePROMIS Solutions is a leading global enterprise resource planning software provider headquartered in Houston, United States. With 30+ years of combined experience serving small, medium and big enterprises, ePROMIS ERP Software has acquired thousands of customers around the globe. A simple-to-use fully integrated ERP system, it covers the core modules such as Financial Accounting, Procurement, Project Costing, Inventory Management, Purchase, Sales, HR / Payroll Systems, Asset Management, Transportation, Manufacturing, etc. In short, encompassing all the key functions needed for a business to aid in decision-making. ePROMIS software is designed to support the entire business operations and can be customized according to industry-specific functions and in the language, time-zone and currency specific to the area where the business is conducted. The software is specifically developed to help businesses in the construction, contracting, MEP, manufacturing, trading and retail industries.

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#2 NetSuite

NetSuite is the industry's leading provider of cloud-based business management software. NetSuite helps companies manage core business processes with a single, fully integrated system covering ERP/financials, CRM, e-commerce, inventory and more. NetSuite provides a suite of cloud-based financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that runs the business of more than 30,000 companies, organizations, and subsidiaries in more than 100 countries. NetSuite ERP software offers a modern, scalable solution to run all of your key back-office operations and financial business processes in the cloud. From comprehensive financial management capabilities, including sophisticated revenue management and billing solutions, to inventory, supply chain and warehouse management solutions, NetSuite empowers businesses of all sizes, across all industries, in every part of the world to unleash innovation and growth. Built-in business intelligence with real-time reporting and analytics equips your organization with a single version of the truth and ignites better, faster decision making.

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#3 SYSPRO Corporate

Established in 1978, SYSPRO is the leading independent developer of ERP software for financial, manufacturing and distribution solutions. It delivers both on-premise and cloud-based utilization, offering sophisticated functionality, simplicity of use and unmatched support via its global network of distribution centers and resellers. SYSPRO is a global leader in providing Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions. We’re not just another ERP Vendor – we are The ERP Partner that simplifies your success! Your partnership with SYSPRO ERP ensures continued success from the discovery phase right throughout the implementation, training and on-going support of your system.

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#4 Intacct Corporation

Intacct is 100% invested in meeting the needs of financial professionals, 100% focused on customer success, and 100% committed to the cloud. That’s who we are, and always will be. More than 11,000 organizations rely on Intacct’s best-in-class cloud ERP software to deliver the efficiencies and insights that keep them on the fast track of growth, from their first million to their first billion, and beyond. What distinguishes Intacct most is the company we keep the employees, partners, and customers that come together to inspire continuous innovation and success. We are the only cloud accounting software company to be appointed a preferred provider by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and recognized by finance professionals as the highest rated solution for customer satisfaction. We’ve been ranked a "Top Workplace"​ for 6 consecutive years and our leadership team includes award winners for Highest Rated CEO, CFO of the Year, and CTO Executive of the Year.

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#5 Deskera

Deskera is an award-winning integrated business suite that gives you the freedom to run your business in the cloud. Deskera is one of the top ERP software solution. For nearly a decade, Deskera has been providing innovative ERP, CRM, PM, and HCM solutions to make businesses around the world faster and more efficient. Reduce complexity and grow your company with online ERP software. The most proven, extensive, integrated and effective business platform designed to manage, track and control your supply chain. Deskera ERP is easy-to-use accounting software that facilitates recording and processing of different financial transactions and processes. From invoices and purchase orders to inventory and receipts, this platform provides a quick and efficient way to manage your business processes. Deskera helps accelerate your business’ core purchase processes–from quotations to invoicing, goods receipt, returns and payments–all within one seamless ERP software system.

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#6 Epicor Software

Growth of our customer's business is at the heart of what we do. The strength of Epicor business solutions lies in a simplified approach to technology, inspired by our customers and how they work. More than 40 years of experience with our customers’ unique processes and operational requirements is built into every solution. Epicor is ready to help organizations take advantage of the changing economic tide with its latest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite. Epicor ERP is a global ERP solution that delivers the choice, flexibility and agility to drive growth and opportunity throughout your business. A single, end-to-end software solution for business, Epicor ERP is available on-premise, hosted, or in the cloud as a software as a service (SaaS) solution – Epicor ERP is built on 100% Microsoft technology for greater access and mobile workers. Epicor enterprise resource planning software offers a modular approach with robust capabilities focused on reducing costs, streamlining processes, and improving customer responsiveness across the enterprise—all top priorities toward achieving continued growth and profitability. With a deep understanding of your industry, Epicor solutions promote growth while managing complexity. The result is powerful solutions that do exactly what you need—free your resources so you can profitably grow your business.

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#7 Aptean

Aptean is a leading provider of mission critical enterprise software solutions. We build and acquire industry-focused solutions to support the evolving operational needs of our customers. Our solutions help nearly 5,000 organizations stay at the forefront of their industries by enabling them to operate more efficiently, thereby ensuring higher customer satisfaction. Regardless of your industry, you need an ERP software solution to be the backbone of your business, automating and supporting business processes. The best ERP solutions, however, are fully integrated with all your systems across the enterprise, bringing value to every functional area, from finance to customer service to management and if you’re in manufacturing, this includes your engineering, design and supply chain teams as well. Most importantly, your ERP system should fit the way you do business, not the other way around. Aptean’s ERP solutions are designed with deep functional fit built in, but they are also highly customizable to align even more closely with your unique business processes.

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#8 Acumatica

Acumatica ERP delivers adaptable cloud and mobile technology with a unique all-inclusive user licensing model, enabling a complete, real time view of your business anytime, anywhere. Through our worldwide network of partners, Acumatica provides the full suite of integrated business management applications, including Financials, Distribution, Manufacturing, Project Accounting, and CRM. There is only one true Cloud ERP platform designed for mid-sized customers – Acumatica. Acumatica is a leading provider of cloud business management software that empowers small and mid-size businesses to unlock their potential and drive growth. Built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology and a unique customer-centric licensing model, Acumatica ERP system delivers a suite of fully-integrated applications, powered by a robust and flexible platform. Acumatica is designed for businesses looking for modern enterprise software powered by the cloud.

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#9 Apprise

Apprise is a leading global provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) software and services designed specifically for consumer goods wholesalers. Through fully integrated solutions, the company helps consumer goods distributors, importers and manufacturers streamline their business wide operations, achieve greater operational visibility, and improve supply chain compliance - ultimately reducing costs and enhancing profitability. Apprise is a leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the consumer goods industry, bringing thousands of brands to market, worldwide. Built as a consumer goods focused ERP software solution, Apprise ERP provides your business with the tools needed to connect your teams together, making your supply chain more efficient and your business more profitable.

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#10 Monitor ERP System

In the 1970’s MONITOR ERP took on the mission to help manufacturing companies to improve productivity while keeping costs low. For businesses, this is important when their costs rise, the competition gets tougher and customers increases the demand for quality. The MONITOR system is developed in close cooperation with our customers. As a result, MONITOR is both user-friendly and cost-effective. With 40 years of experience, we are the leading supplier of ERP systems in our market segment. Over the years, our system has won numerous awards regarding usability, customer satisfaction, etc. With experts from the manufacturing industry, we have built a system optimized for manufacturers. Every day, MONITOR ERP System helped thousands of companies around the world to become more profitable. MONITOR ERP system is the complete ERP system. It consists of different modules that cover the activities occurring in manufacturing companies. MONITOR provides you with control of the entire business.

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#11 QAD

Imagine a future, where your business processes are operating at peak efficiency and perfectly aligned with your strategic goals. At QAD, we have imagined this, and are committed to helping our customers achieve this vision for the future that we call "The Effective Enterprise."​ We do this by delivering enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that promote agility, mobility, reliability and global effectiveness. We deploy technologies that make applications simpler to support and more rapid and effective to use and learn, and we use implementation methods that reduce risk and simplify effort. While many vendors promote delivering ERP in the cloud, QAD Cloud ERP is the industry's only full-strength ERP cloud solution focused exclusively on the needs of global manufacturing companies.

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#12 Global Shop Solutions

Since 1976, Global Shop Solutions has been the exclusive provider of the One-System ERP Software designed to make lean manufacturing a reality in countries around the world. The efficiency delivered through our ERP software provides real-time inventory accuracy, improved on-time delivery, lower administrative costs, increased sales and improved customer service. Real-time data with high-level accuracy empowers business leaders to be proactive in their decision making. Global Shop Solutions customers enjoy a significant ROI to their bottom line. Global Shop Solutions One-System ERP software system offers all the applications you need to run a leaner, more efficient manufacturing operation. From CRM, inventory management and agile project management, to job costing, scheduling, tracking and efficient quality management, every application you need is right at your fingertips.

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#13 ERPinCloud

ERPinCloud provides an opportunity for businesses to completely transform how it uses and pays for information technology. Now, with ERPinCloud there is no need to purchase the necessary server and storage hardware and maintain it on site which, in turn, has the potential to reduce operational expenditures. With ERPinCloud you can now have total control of your business at the least operational costs. We offer you entire spectrum of enterprise related solutions such as CRM, HRM, Helpdesk, project management. You can choose which solutions you wish to implement and rest of the solutions can be added whenever you need them as you scale up your business. Cloud ERP by ERPinCloud is best fit for companies belonging to Field Service, Manufacturing, Trading & E-Commerce industry. We have the experience, expertise and enthusiasm to make business simple for you.

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#14 Plex Systems

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud ushers in a new era of ERP with a complete system designed to power today’s modern manufacturer. With the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, implementations move from months to weeks, customers only pay for what they need, and the focus is on configuration, not customization. Powered by industrial strength data centers and security, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud fundamentally lowers the cost structure of IT. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is the only ERP solution with manufacturing at its core. As a result, customers have complete visibility into their operations and plant data and can leverage those details to drive profits. Plex’ focus on driving continuous innovation makes it easy for customers to continually innovate operations, change processes and business models. Modern manufacturing ERP software from Plex takes a different approach. No more waiting. No more upgrades. New features are added daily to a single line of code, shared instantly with all Plex customers. Plex is different, offering the only ERP software solution built from the ground up in the cloud and focused exclusively on manufacturing.

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#15 IFS

IFS is a globally recognized leader in developing and delivering enterprise software for enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise service management (ESM). IFS Applications is a different kind of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It is not complex and rigid like some other ERP suites. Rather, it is designed to rapidly adjust to changes in technology and business, maximizing enterprise agility. IFS Applications is capable of delivering more than just ERP. It has native functionality for enterprise project management (EPM), enterprise asset management (EAM) and service management. The application can be configured for a variety of settings including but not limited to discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, multi-mode manufacturing, construction and engineering, and esoteric and demanding settings like multi-mode manufacturing, aerospace and defense, engineer, procure construct (EPC) and offshore oil and gas drilling. It is in these demanding settings that combine elements of manufacturing, project management and asset management that IFS Applications is without peer as an ERP solution.

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#16 Rootstock Software

Rootstock Software is a proven provider of powerful manufacturing and supply chain solutions built on the Force.com cloud computing platform. Rootstock is a robust end-to-end Cloud ERP system 100% native to Salesforce. Rootstock's enterprise resource planning solution elevates operational performance and controls costs for mid-market to large manufacturers, distributors and supply chains. Rootstock has secured an edge for itself over its competitors by leveraging its strong technical expertise and years of manufacturing experience to build a broad and deep end-to-end functional cloud ERP solution in a short time frame. This solution supports requirements for multiple modes of manufacturing and enables real-time management of manufacturing for customers of all sizes and types. As the largest product footprint among ISV products on the Salesforce.com platform, Rootstock’s cloud ERP solution possesses the functionality required to replace more than 25 legacy ERP products. With its strong overall performance, Rootstock has earned the 2016 Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award.

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#17 Octal Info Solution

Our developers ensure that the technology is aligned with your business objectives despite the size and nature of your organization. Enterprise Resource Planning systems are software systems that prove to be of great help in operations planning, administration and to optimize internal business processes, comprising of manufacturing, supply chain, financials, customer relationship management, human resources as well as warehouse management. With the help of these solutions, a typical ERP software integrates the data and processes of an organization into a single unified system. We at Octal Info Solution offer the best ERP software solutions helpful in manufacturing and trading companies in SME sector for assimilation and automation of the business proceedings. With easy and timely accessibility of information, it’s easier to enhance the growth and efficiency of an organization. With years of industry experience and technical expertise, we design ERP software that best meets the requirements of many businesses. With our ERP software, we help organizations in streamlining their processes and improve profit margins. At the same time also allow organizations to keep pace with ever-changing technology.

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#18 HansaWorld

HansaWorld is the first major software house to provide a full suite of Enterprise Resource Planning, Financials and Customer Relationship Management as well as a wide selection of industry-specific solutions on tablets and smartphones. HansaWorld shows continued technological leadership in the international business software industry. At its core, Standard ERP offers the typical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) modules of accounts, order processing, stock, manufacturing and job costing. By offering a range of Contact Relationship Management (CRM) modules, such as email, document management, graphical calendars and schedulers, and a bulletin board, all in the same application, Standard ERP is able to deliver a unique level of interaction between its component elements. Standard ERP also provides a series of modules designed for specific industries, all with the same potential for interaction with other parts of the system. It uses an unrivaled range of technologies to extend the software availability throughout your organization and beyond, at the same time reducing reliance on costly interfaces between applications thereby offering the lowest total cost of ownership available in the mid-range.

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#19 abas ERP

Founded in 1980, abas is a leading provider of flexible next generation ERP and eBusiness solutions. abas serves mid-market manufacturers and distributors focusing on discrete, Engineer-to-order, Make-to-Order, Assemble-to-Order, and Job Shop Manufacturing environments. With unparalleled flexibility, abas provides the ideal solution to energize your business processes. A worldwide network, state of the art technology, ease of use and industry expertise allow abas to provide the business logic layer for your success. abas is also uniquely qualified to successfully implement international ERP projects. No other company has the combination of a unified partner network, strategic orientation, globally enabled software, and a rapid implementation methodology that defines the roadmap to success. abas provides quick ROI because it is easy to learn, use, customize and upgrade. More than 3000 customers have chosen abas as their long term ERP provider and work successfully with the internationally applicable ERP-Software. abas provides a wide range of services including implementation, customization, hardware, network support, on-site support and ensures short reaction times and high service quality.

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#20 Odoo

Odoo is a business solution software that provides complete flexibility to its users. Through its modular basis and use of "apps", Odoo gives businesses a complete, customizable, and easily extendible solution for its management needs and user efficiency.The system is backed by over 2000 developers in 120 countries around the world. It is this community, led by Odoo itself with a new release every 18 months, that contributes to the 4000+ modules and apps available for Odoo and OpenERP.These include, amongst others, CRM and sales management, manufacturing, warehouse management, accounting, human resources, project management, logistics, eCommerce platform, and website CMS.Odoo allows you to start easily with one module to fit a specific need then add additional modules as and when you need them, enabling you to have as big or as small a system as your business requires. As your business grows and develops, Odoo can expand with it, providing efficiency and performance.

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