How To Buy Stock?

With the emergence of online brokers, you can now buy stock like you shop online. Some of the best online brokers to buy stock are listed here. You can open an account, deposit money and start trading within minutes with these brokers online. Investment in stocks are subject to market risk, Its highly recommended that you invest only money that you can afford to lose. Online brokers provide the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to buy stock. They charge you a commission on every trade carried out on their platform. Unlike traditional stock brokers, you cannot rely on online brokers to provide you investment advice. Most online brokers provide assistance over the phone to help you with any issues on your investment account or their trading platform.

Online Brokers to Buy Stock

Buy Stock

IQ Option

With over 39+ Million users, IQ option is one of the fastest growing online trading platform. IQ options award winning platform provides users one of the best in class UI in the world. Users can quickly deposit money through multiple deposit options and can trade hundreds of stocks with in minutes. IQ Option also provides leverage option for users who wish to make leverage trading. Multiple channels are also available to withdraw money from your account.


eToro is a multi asset platform which offers Stocks, CFD and Crypto. Users can also buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on eToro. eToro is recommended for users who are interested in social trading. I.e. eToro provides users an option to copy other traders on the platform. With seamless account opening, you get free stock trading in the EU and low fees stock trading in the rest of the world they service. eToro too provide multiple options for users to deposit and withdraw money from their investment account.

What Is Stock?

Stocks are securities that denote ownership in a company. When you buy stock, you are buting a share of the company. Hence the growth or fall of that company directly affect the price of the stock you hold. If the company you own shares for performs really well and their profitability skyrockets, so will the price of the stock you hold. The same can happen the other way around as well and can happen within hours or days. So when you buy stock, you need to be really aware of the company you hold shares for, its markets, and government regulations or any other factor that can affect the performance of the company.