Top Internet of Things (IoT) Companies

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List of Top Internet of Things (IoT) Companies

IOT (Internet of things) companies list rated by professionals. Find the best IoT company & developers in India, USA, Bangalore & more.

1. AndPlus

At AndPlus, we make it easy for businesses to build custom software, mobile applications and web integration.We are experts in developing complex software that typically has a need to integrate with other systems, like hardware and firmware, or different APIs and complex datasets. Our agile development process allows our team to deliver working software quickly, allowing our clients to prioritize important features in order to get a minimum viable product to market on time and on budget.Our team of 32 engineers, software architects, and UX/UI Developers allows us to work on a variety of projects for large enterprise customers, as well as small and medium size businesses.
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2. Glow Labs

Glow Labs is a product development firm that's 100% focused on creating connected devices. They help companies and entrepreneurs get into the IoT space with product viability consulting, technology selection, hardware engineering, embedded firmware development, cloud software development, and developing apps to control IoT devices. Glow Labs uses an agile product development process that allows for changes on the fly and secure product updates over the air. They take you from product concept to full-scale production rapidly and cost effectively. Glow Labs is headquartered in Colorado with engineers across the globe.
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3. Intersog

Intersog is a Chicago-based provider of custom web and mobile software engineering and development, specializing in providing plug and play project resources to local businesses. We help our clients solve skill shortage issues by building dedicated software development teams either locally in Chicago or in our offices in Canada and in Ukraine.Our primary goal in partnering with you is to exceed your expectations and foster an ongoing relationship that envelopes innovation, industry leadership and business strategy while delivering products that resonate with your audience and bring exceptional user experience, brand elevation and market dominance. Intersog is a software development company that has what it takes to enable IoT success for your organization. From connected ideation, IoT platform / gateways recommendations to M2M enablement and sensor integration to data collection and analytics, Intersog offers custom design and development of highly efficient ROI-driven IoT solutions (both strategic and tactical) that provide actionable results and ensure your top line growth and bottom line savings.
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4. Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions Inc. is a Chicago-based tech consulting and development company working with organizations across the world to implement the best-of-breed solutions and processes to help them meet their business challenges. Our services and solutions span the entire technology spectrum. Softweb Solutions will handle the entire IoT journey including consultation, IoT-enabled infrastructure development and deployment, managed services and also build bespoke industrial IoT solutions. Over a decade of experience with the world’s leading companies has given us the expertise to offer strategy, design, engineering solutions and R&D services to companies in every industry. Our clients are able to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging our expertise in all the tech areas – from IoT systems to data science projects and mission critical apps, we never fail to deliver.
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5. Zonoff

Zonoff empowers the world’s leading brands to deliver smart, seamless living to the mass market through its Consumer Internet of Things software and services platform. Zonoff offers a proven, enterprise-scale Consumer IoT Platform with the interoperability, flexibility and reliability needed to successfully support mass-market Smart Home offerings. Zonoff’s end-to-end, white-label solution includes the world-class Z1 Software Suite, an exceptional user interface framework, proven hardware reference designs, robust data analytics, a comprehensive device ecosystem and subscription-based services. Zonoff’s Consumer IoT technology and services platform has been successfully adopted by leading brands in multiple vertical markets.
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6. Citrusbyte

We work with you to build your startup, modernize & rebuild your technology, and help you enter new markets with new products. We advise you on all facets of your product — from engineering to marketing — helping you make informed decisions along the way. In 2014 Citrusbyte partnered with AT&T and worked to build the foundation for our vision of the future — a vision that we share with the engineering community at large called the “Internet-of-Things” (IoT.) This foundation would enable tens of thousands of developers to connect 17 million devices that are spread across the world, and this foundation took the form of a web-based IoT platform called AT&T M2X backed by a powerful API. We helped AT&T design and build a full suite of developer tools and documentation for their Internet of Things data storage service, powering the next generation of IoT projects.
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7. Sunflower Lab

Sunflower Lab is premier mobile & web development company with 40+ people across two continents with three offices in Ohio, New Jersey & India. Sunflower Lab team believe it is the quality that spearheads value, nurtures customer satisfaction & serves our clients’ business. Our relationship with Client based on simple communication and trust. Sunflower team determined to customer satisfaction and service excellence. Sunflower Lab team is always ready with cutting technology and best software development practices. Our IOT Applications connect your business with the enterprise world in a single click. We make your business smarter, scalable, and reliable with latest applications.
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8. Arrayent

Arrayent provides an Internet of Things platform that enables trusted consumer brands to implement connected products and systems. By transforming traditional products into connected devices, Arrayent helps manufacturers develop new market opportunities and lucrative channels for innovative products. Arrayent empowers consumer brands to deliver superior, affordable and smart connected products that make life safer, easier – better. Arrayent is a trusted brand among other IoT companies across the globe. Arrayent’s unique virtualization technology is propelling the Internet of Things by allowing customers to cost-effectively add connectivity that enhances products and cultivates relationships with consumers. The strength of Arrayent’s technology is best demonstrated through the success of its customers’ products.
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9. SenseGrow

Founded in 2014, SenseGrow is a technology startup committed to providing the best possible Internet of Things technology to our customers. We create easy to use Internet of Things software that enables developers to build IoT solutions faster and businesses to get more value from their connected devices.SenseGrow Technologies helps customers in implementing machine-to-machine solutions for connected assets, equipments, and products. Our technologies acquire and transform data into information in real time. It then shares this information with enterprise applications and your team. Our mission is to liberate every device to collaborate and share information for growth.
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10. Xively

Xively, the IoT division of LogMeIn, works with companies around the world to bring to market the most successful and innovative IoT products available today. Xively's Connected Product Management (CPM) platform helps companies connect products securely, manage connected products and the data they produce and reimagine how they engage with their customers. Xively's leading IoT security enables companies to securely connect their products, manage IoT data from those connections, and engage more closely with their customers. Xively internet of things solutions eliminates the need for costly and ineffective attempts to integrate solutions from multiple sources.
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11. GoodWorkLabs

GoodWorkLabs Services Private Limited is a new-age boutique software lab that delivers cutting-edge products and solutions for customers globally. We are different in a number of ways, we take up only select projects and we are passionate about making your product super-successful. Because of the growing demand in the market, there is a need for quality IoT application design and development for companies in various segments and GoodWorkLabs has the right set of people, expertise and experience to them out. We have a world class IoT application development team which delivers internet of things products and applications that drive growth. These centers focus on supporting the Indian, North American and European clients with applications of IoT through smart products, optimization, automation and decision.
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12. Losant

Losant makes building connected experiences and solutions easy. We provide a way to forge connections between disparate data, devices and technology. We're an Internet of Things platform designed to collect, visualize and react to data streams in real-time. Losant is a simple and powerful IoT cloud platform for developing the next generation of connected experiences. We offer device management with robust data visualization that reacts in real-time. The Losant platform keeps your devices connected, your data safe, and at your fingertips for analysis anytime.
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13. ThingLogix

ThingLogix propels the modern business with the Internet of Things by combining insight-driven IoT services and the power of the cloud - creating new business value and accelerating time-to-market.ThingLogix believes that to survive, a company needs to think creatively and adapt quickly. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers companies the opportunity to think differently about their products, their services and their customers. By using data in creative ways, companies can increase efficiencies, open new revenue streams and create value in ways never before possible.Unlike other Internet of Things companies, ThingLogix has its origins in the cloud and in IoT. Partnering with leading cloud platform providers such as Amazon Web Services, ThingWorx, ServiceMax,, and Heroku, we make it easy for companies to connect devices, transform and move to market faster than they ever thought possible.
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14. Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks provides the industry’s first Agile IoT Platform, accelerating development, support, and ongoing enhancements of connected products for the Internet of Things. Ayla’s software fabric runs across devices, cloud, and apps to create secure connectivity, data analytics, and feature-rich customer experiences. Offered as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Ayla’s flexibility and modularity enable rapid changes to practically any type of device, cloud, and app environment. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., the company has partnered with major hardware, cloud, and application vendors leading the new era of the Internet of Things. Ayla has raised over $20 million from leading venture capital firms and strategic investors who share this vision.
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15. Smart Automation Team

Smart Automation Team is a team of experts that consists of proficient developers, attentive quality assurance engineers and creative designers. We are keen on anything related to IoT, we build simple but functional software for Home Automation. Combining your experience and resources in appliances production and our knowledge and expertise in software development, we can establish winning relationship and create interesting, usable and ingenious home automation products. We DON'T develop Smart Homes, we develop Automation!
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16. Contus

Contus is an IoT player contributing for industries like healthcare, manufacturing, home automation and smart cities with its expertise in mobility and wearables. Contus is a digital transformation company that has stepped into IoT with wearables-based IoT app development for human safety in the year 2013. Adding more in the coming years, Contus has extended its IoT service their portfolio to other industries like retail customer augmentation, connected cars, vehicle telematics-based IoT and more. As APN Technology partners with Amazon Web Services, Contus renders IoT solutions that are hyper-flexible and adaptively scalable take care of changing user base.
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17. Buddy

Buddy Platform Limited (BUD.ASX) provides one of the world's first data aggregation and management platforms for the IoT and connected devices. Buddy advances the Quantified Economy by providing the critical infrastructure by which businesses and organizations can, in real time, access and analyze the data generated by connected devices, and unlock the economic opportunities delivered by this data. Buddy Platform users represent a wide variety of industries, including airlines, agriculture, automotive, consumer electronics, robotics, software development, telecommunications, and transportation. Buddy is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices in Adelaide, Australia. Standing up a self-managed IoT data processing system is relatively simple. Standing up a highly secure, globally scalable and deeply reliable system is an entirely different matter. Organizations derive value from the data and actionable insights their devices generate, not building and managing the infrastructure required to secure and host that data. If your organization doesn't have deep in-house expertise in securing large volumes of sensitive data, then talk to us. We'd love to help.
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18. R-Style Lab

We offer full cycle custom software development: Web, Mobile, Apple TV & TVOS, IoT, AR. R-Style Lab was founded in 2006 as a part of NY-based software house. We began with a sales office in San Francisco, CA and a little R&D center in Minsk, Belarus. 62% of US business executives have already adopted the Internet of Things solutions or plan to do so in the near future. Breakthrough ideas require serious proof of concept. We provide thorough research, requirements analysis & feasibility review. Our strong team of developers with 15 years’ expertise and deep knowledge in embedded systems and Internet of Things apps can help you develop solutions of any scale and complexity whatever your business area is.
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19. FiveBox

FiveBox is a premier Atlanta software development firm that develops Internet of Things software and wearables applications. FiveBox can help your company define and build an Internet of Things web application or mobile app in order to take advantage of increasing interconnectivity of devices. We create web, mobile and system software for your business. Our team of experts has years of experience designing scalable and extensible cloud architecture across a variety of platforms and languages. We create secure and robust Internet of Things applications.
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20. Litbit

We are a team of people that have come together from past engineering and leadership roles at Apple, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel and others. We are here to solve the biggest new challenges of what many consider to be the next phase of the Industrial Revolution. Litbit is the original creator and primary driver of the Apache Iota open source project. We use Iota as the core of our human+machine orchestration platform that we call RhythmOS. Introducing RhythmOS, the enterprise-grade operating system to power your internet of everything. RhythmOS is designed to enable more productive working relationships between the machines in your workplace, the people that direct them, and the apps that drive them. As a secure data pipeline built on the Apache iota core, RhythmOS enables the sharing of powerful new insights and integrations throughout the workplace-- whether on-premise, in the cloud or mobile.
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21. Wildebeest Design

We imagine and create custom products with brands. Our specialty is working alongside a client to understand their business challenges, then using our creativity and experience to find clever and elegant interactive solutions. In addition to Internet of Things (IoT) devices, we also build native mobile apps, desktop software, and web apps. Our clients range from fast-growing start-ups to global brands like Google and Disney. Our team is incredibly bullish on IoT devices leveraging technologies like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MetaWear, and Particle Photon as well as motion sensors, acceleration, force, gyro, pulse, temperature, humidity and more.
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22. Jivoo

Jivoo provides complete system design, development, integration and operational support for global enterprise Internet of things (IoT) solutions. Successful IoT system deployments depend on a number of specialized skills including security, sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, embedded programming, radio channels, protocols, web api and sockets, service bus, device management, event processing, alerts and notifications, command & control, blob data storage, updates, streaming and big data analytics, and machine learning. At Jivoo we understand the anatomy of an enterprise IoT environment.
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23. Axmor Software

Axmor offers custom-made software development services. Our specialists’ proficiency in cutting-edge technologies, tools and services ensures that we create software products that are fully tailored to meet your unique business needs. We develop software for ambitious startups as well as large international companies in the IT industry such as IBM. We have accumulated significant expertise in 4 different areas: Business Intelligence, Unified Communications, Internet of Things and Digital Health. Axmor offers custom software development services designing solutions that work efficiently with data collected from a wide variety of devices. We develop software products for ambitious startups and mature companies in the IT industry providing support at all levels from first MVP release to long-term product development. Our clients are using Axmor designed IoT software to control smart homes and transport, to monitor athletes’ biometric data and optimize store space in the retail business. Expert knowledge of the IoT industry enables us to gather requirements and deliver optimal technical solutions with unrivalled speed and efficiency. This ensures a fast project launch reducing the timescales and costs of your product development.
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