5 Top IT Infrastructure Consulting Companies

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#1 Veritis

Veritis is a global Information Technology (IT) services provider focused on delivering high value to clients through integrated, reliable and cost-effective solutions for over a decade. Our IT Infrastructure consulting services enable organizations to design, build, run and manage a scalable, flexible and reliable IT infrastructure. Through our suite of services, we help our customers in reducing infrastructure costs and facilitate them to focus on strategic initiatives and business transformation. We utilize established processes and effective technology deployment in achieving consistent service delivery matching customer expectations.

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#2 CodeClouds

Your IT infrastructure provides the foundation you need to build a flexible, scalable and manageable IT environment. It includes the physical components (servers, disk and tape storage, networking, desktops or laptops or mobile devices, voice, more), the operating systems and systems management tools, the database entities, and the IT processes that are required to ensure performance, security and availability. Consulting professionals and technical specialists provide assessment, design, configuration, and implementation services across the enterprise. With technologies from the world’s top technology providers, we offer support for test environments, demos, benchmarks, product education, workshops, and more. Our team of consultants provides the rare blend of strategic vision, proven expertise and practical experience to empower your business with technology.

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#3 Harvard Partners

IT Infrastructure & Operations organizations provide the foundation for all IT services. When well designed and maintained, an IT infrastructure can support business users, applications, and external services, all delivering business value.Harvard Partners helps you strategically assess, organize and lead the IT Infrastructure and Operations areas delivering more scalable, resilient, and cost-effective computing environments.

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#4 BThrust

BThrust offers a variety of enterprise infrastructure services and a variety of flexible delivery options to match the exclusive demands of your organization. We will provide a flexible, scalable enterprise services like technical consulting, infrastructure integration, virtualization and consolidation, enterprise security and cloud services and solutions which evolve based on your changing needs and wants.BThrust provide the best technical consulting services with a means of skilled people in their fields and wide analytical tools, specialist software, laboratory and engineering facilities. We are working towards reducing the gap between enterprise and IT to help customers with the complex problems in an easy way with our consulting services in Singapore.BThrust offers infrastructure integration services which ensure that organizations realize an IT architecture that is able to attain real time course integration between its unrelated applications, while allowing end-to-end automated commerce procedure.

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#5 Lyra Infosystems

With 10+ years of consulting expertise and comprehensive industry and domain knowledge has allowed us to provide real-time, customizable resolutions solving organization's business and IT challenges for a wide range of verticals.Leverage our expertise with our highly skilled team of experts who assess the operational quality and suggest remediation throughout the entire development cycle.With over 210 customers served and 1020 hours spent on consulting we at Lyra believe we are capable to handle large enterprise customers

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