12 Top Mobile App Development Companies In Los Angeles

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#1 Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is a top mobile app development company based in California, USA. We are having 6+ years of experience in developing successful mobile apps for Android & iOS (iPhone) platform. We developed and deliver 2000+ mobile apps for both platforms to the clients located in USA, UK, Aus, UAE and all over the world. A company developed apps for various industries like retail, fintech, healthcare, education, media & entertainment, advertising etc.

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ISBX is an award winning and industry recognized agency with over 17 years of creating Mobile and Web success for our clients. We offer a full range of interactive marketing and technology services, and build apps and websites for variety of funded startups as well as some of the largest retail, entertainment and consumer electronics companies in the world. We employ a team of 60 in our software services division and over 150 individuals in our business processes outsourcing division. The ISBX executive management team has been building software solutions for Fortune 500 companies since 1999.

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#3 Sidebench

Technology today is more powerful and accessible than ever before. In the wake of technology growth, adaptation and innovation are vital parts of every company’s roadmap if they want to outpace their competition.That’s where we come in. Sidebench is a team of disruptive technologists and creative innovators that are proud to serve as an award winning strategic partner to forward thinking organizations around the world. We are lateral thinkers who eagerly chase solutions to the big challenges that stretch our imaginations.Our engagements foster long term partnerships that are as equally thoughtful as they are nimble. We marry the sensibilities of established enterprise brands with startup methodologies to nurture sustainable growth, drive innovation, and build products that users love.

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#4 Fishermen Labs

Fishermen Labs is a product development agency specializing in mobile app and web development, virtual reality, augmented reality, AI and digital marketing. We are one of the fastest growing product development agencies in the US. Our client roster is made up of a diverse set of brands and startups including Walmart, Sony, Lenovo, Puma, Regal Entertainment Group, Spinning.com, the United Nations, Jet.com, Anta, Goodwater Capital, TBN and Pressed Juicery. We work with brands from ideation to acquisition. We have extensive experience in developing and leveraging technology solutions to help our clients create digital products, enter into new markets, deepen customer engagement, drive higher revenues and increase efficiency.

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#5 VezTek USA

have engineered well over 500 mobile and web applications to date for some of the world’s leading fortune 500 enterprises as well as for some of the most innovative startups. Whether you need an enterprise cloud solution for iPad to streamline your business processes, an iPhone app to extend the reach of your brand, or help bring your innovative Android app to the app stores, VezTek’s mobile apps development experts will assist you every step of the way.

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#6 Webalo

Webalo provides the app generation infrastructure for companies to transform into User First organizations. Webalo’s patented technology enables companies to easily transform their enterprise applications into personal applications, where every user has just the information they need, on their device, to help them get their job done. Webalo is enterprise-ready, built to operate in the face of massive amounts of real-time transactional usage by thousands of users, helping them to make better, more informed, decisions and to make their businesses more productive.

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#7 Nextware Technologies

Nextware’s experienced engineers develop the full range of mobile apps for clients here in Los Angeles and around the world. We know that searching for a mobile app development company can be difficult. The universe of consumer and business apps in the mobile arena is so diverse; it can be a challenge to find a company with meaningful experience in every specialty area.This is why Nextware’s mobile application development team puts a premium on understanding the specific needs of its clients from the start. Whether your organization is just starting with the development of an iPhone app, or has a team building out your existing Android platform, or maybe just wants to optimize an existing mobile application, Nextware offers services throughout the development lifecycle.

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#8 Empty Box Media

We can develop powerful apps to connect your company with the world on both iOS and Android platforms. As with most of our app projects, a content management system is used to manage the content delivery as well as to allow you to view user stats and other helpful info. We're an interactive dev company based in Los Angeles, CA. Empty Box Media was launched in 2009 by Vaughn Dabney while working in the corporate environment. In 2012, Vaughn decided to dedicate all of his time into growing his company specifically focusing on mobile app development for the iOS and Android platforms. Currently, Empty Box Media operates out of Los Angeles but also has active clients based in New York, Washington, D.C., and France.

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#9 Apex Global Solutions

Your company's app will sitamong users’ apps on their phones and tablets. Having an app can really help you build a larger, loyal customer base. If people really love your services, they will need an app to keep you close by. The mobile community keeps growing larger and larger. With the latest advancements in tablets and phones, user accessibility is vital. The mobile app needs to be faster and more powerful with each upgrade. This is a wonderful opportunity to get your brand name known. From Pasadena to Downtown; from Glendale to Irvine; we have been here to serve for almost a decade. We have not limited are services to just Los Angeles or even just California. We will collaborate with you to make sure all of your graphic design needs are met.

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#10 Akshar Technologies

Akshar Technologies is a pioneer in delivering business software solutions globally. We deliver outsourcing solutions, consulting services along with systems integration services to our clients. Our motto is to work for business improvement and resulting success for our clients. We manage all our expertise and skills by providing professional and affordable web design and web development services along withseo services in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego. We take pride in optimizing client’s website in such a way that it gets the most prominent placement on the famous search engines by using specific seo services. We also offer our clients with professional and affordable web design and web development.

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#11 HVantage Technologies

With domain expertise on Aerospace, Banking, Insurance, Tele Communication, Education, Financial Services and Retail, Hvantage Technologies brings in world class software solutions and support services tailored to the unique requirements for clients across the world. Our IT services & products suit the viability to serve the global IT domain requirements. Hvantage Technologies delivers exceptional software solutions and support services to its clients across globe using its proven onsite & offshore engagement schematic process model. With over a decade of cumulative experience (within the resources) in the outsourcing and off shoring space, we are a part of the reputed DCNPL Group that has business interests in the high technology industry. Our Offshore Development Center is located in Indore, India. We are a USA Incorporated Enterprise & also have presence in India, UK, Australia and Europe.

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#12 Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services is a top mobile app development company based in South Carolina, USA. We are having 5+ years of experience in developing successful mobile apps for Android & iOS (iPhone) platform. We developed and deliver 2000+ mobile apps for both platforms to the clients located in USA, Canada,UK, Aus, UAE and all over the world. A company developed apps for various industries like retail, fintech, healthcare, education, media & entertainment, advertising etc.A Company Developed Blockchain App and IOT Based Application .

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