13 Top Mobile App Development Companies In Noida

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#1 Auxano Global Services

Auxano Global Services is coming up as the game changer in the industry of mobile application development technology. We are the creators of highly polished mobile apps and web as with millions of downloads from our customers distributed worldwide. We have been voted out as the top mobile app development companies in Noida, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, expanding our services further in six major continents of the globe.Thus, Auxano GLobal Services Noida is a mobile and web application development company that develops applications for both Android and iOS platforms. WIth 8+ years of experience, the mobile app developers can come up with an app on your desirable concept.

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#2 AppSquadz

From conceptualization and development to marketing and management, AppSquadz Technologies caters everything. No matter the complexity of your requirements, our team is proficient in fulfilling your mobile application development needs efficiently and timely. Having years of experience in providing mobile application development services globally, we have a team of 80+ associates including designers, developers, strategists, quality analysts and marketers. As our partner, you can be assured of getting a tactically designed and meticulously crafted solutions; allowing you to maximize your return on investment.

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#3 Fluper

Fluper is one of the eminent IT service providers which is incorporated with a vision of providing the world-class solutions, across all the verticals, at global level.We have a dedicated mobile app developers that are responsible to strive the optimum success with the transformation of rustic ideas into reality. In order to make survival into the toughest competition, we integrate agile methodologies which enable you to hire android app developers and iPhone app developers with advanced infrastructure. We deliver end-to-end solution with our Web Design and Development , drive the imagination and vision into reality by grasping the approach and formulating a web development plan for further execution of web development mockups, and prototype for web platform keeping in mind to deliver intrigue web designs. Hire PHP developers to ensure that you are not deprived from the innovation taking place in the domain of web and mobile trends.

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#4 TechAhead

By developing amazing mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows, we've created success stories for both Fortune 1000 companies and first-time entrepreneurs alike. Our client base is diverse and global we serve small- and medium-sized businesses, start-up companies, and large enterprises that have a need for a great mobile app. Development companies like us have one hope: to deliver mention-worthy mobile applications that can serve a business need. We can take an app from a vague concept to its launch, with end-to-end app creation services that touch upon every stage of the process. We can offer a variety of services: app idea development, consulting, testing, developing, design, updating, and marketing. Also, unlike many other mobile application developers, we specialize in cross-platform app development, and can create something that will work well across devices.

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#5 Wildnet Technologies

We specialize in mobile apps development and have developed the myriad of applications for our varied clients. With our years of industry experience and creativity, we are capable of providing what you need. iPhone Application Development: Opening doors for higher revenue, they solely run on iOS and can be accessed only on iPhones and iPads. Android Application Development: Found to be the most accessible platform, we develop applications for startups to enterprises in various segments of apps.

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#6 Flexsin Technologies

Our mobile app development solutions allow businesses not only to keep connected with their customers on mobile devices but also have a quicker situational awareness of KPIs for good decision making. Gain business intelligence in real-time for better management of the workforce and enriched customer experience. Our Mobile apps and cross- functional experts render constantly evolving yet focused business operations that are faster, productive and efficient.Get your business systematically mobilized to complete in mobile time in the most hassle-free manner, with our personalized, user-friendly and scalable approach. Our consultants help you in building apps, buying applications or scaling your existing programs, in order to meet your organizational goals and objectives.

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#7 Sterco Digitex

Sterco, a trusted mobile application development company, carries expertise in handling mobile applications development with dissimilar technologies, such as, iPhone, Android, and Windows, to cater to the requirements of dissimilar commerce. We appreciate that each business has some important goals and requirements that need customized mobile apps. Sterco Digitex offers comprehensive mobility solutions, developing customized mobile and tablet apps catering to unique requirements of each brand and business. With growing popularity of smartphones and technology advancement, it has become essential for business to offer smooth mobile experiences to their customers. Sterco Digitex helps clients in understanding end-users, competitive analysis, UI design & architecture, prototyping, testing, launch, and promotion.

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#8 Chromeinfotech

ChromeInfotech believes that the future is ‘mobile-centric’ and we enable enterprises harness its infinite potential. Our workflow streamlines with our mobile center of excellence, which ensures best practices of IT architecture, user experience, security policies and international quality standards across the business verticals. The company's global expertise and keen understanding of mobile solutions, makes its clients stand superior among their competitors with an increased business value.

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#9 InfiCare Technologies

At InfiCare, our team of the top mobile app developers focuses, listen and grasp our client’s idea and bring those ideas to life with innovative designs and user experience. We are committed to turn our client’s raw vision into a successful brand. Most of our projects are firm fixed price that we will deliver on not a teaser price to get started. This approach of healthy and trustworthy relationship with clients has brought InfiCare to be consistently named in the top mobile app developers in India.Our world-class developers bring out the best for your business that undoubtedly makes your app stand out from the competitors. We hold a notable presence as the top iOS, Android and Cross-Platform app development company in India for creating most modern and interactive interfaces. Our teams of experienced iOS and Android developers comprises of the Objective C and Swift Coders respectively.

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#10 Star Web Maker

Since 2007 we have developed over 200 native consumer and enterprise apps for mobile platforms including iOS and Android. We are a member of the iOS App Developer Program, a registered Google Play Developer and a Silver Partner for Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program. This means we have access to the latest tools, frameworks and SDKs to develop updated and cutting edge apps on following mobile platforms. Star Web Maker a established player in the IT market, is a leading provider of comprehensive web products like website design, web portal development, seo services,software development ,mobile websites ,Responsive website and all type of web solutions and internet services, which is located in Noida, India.

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#11 Brainguru

Mobile Application Development is a term used to define the process of developing the software for Mobile Phones. There are various firms involved in Mobile Application Development to generating popularity for a particular company through which you can stay connected with your costumers.It is a latest technology which has come up in the market for expanding the use of digital marketing. Mainly large reputed companies use mobile application so they could expand the name of the company. We are constantly challenging ourselves and stretching our boundaries in the quest to create the best mobile applications using the iOS and Android platforms. You can reach out to us and thus make sure that you have an edge over competition and breeze through the toughest of projects with absolute ease.

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#12 BlueApple

Looking at the prevailing scenario, it is fairly evident that mobile technology has become the lifeline of the people as well as industries. Whether it is communication, process automation, system organization, or just fun, mobile technology has truly redefined them. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur who is working on a pathbreaking idea, chances are that you will require mobile app development services. As mobile-first paradigm is the new buzzword, developing mobile apps should always be the first task to accomplish followed by web development.If mobile app development is not your company’s core competency, hiring developers on contractual basis is the best choice to make. This is a highly cost-efficient option as you just need to pay the developers for the time they take to build the app. Also, you can have direct interaction with the developers that ensures better apps. This model also suits those companies that shift their goals and features with time.

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#13 Gropse

Gropse Technologies is a Mobile App Development Company that makes your business a touch away on IPhone, Android or Ipad. We have also crafted digital Experience in Website development, IOT, VR, AI and digital Marketing.We move forward with a strong vision taking along with us our past experience which lead to development of engaging mobile application with high ROI and maximum conversion.We have developed creative and customer centric mobile applications to give ceaseless friendly experience to our clients. We are a team of dedicated developers and passionate designers who turns fashioned idea into reality.

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