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Our Privacy Policy governs your visit to Here we will explain how we collect, safeguard, and disclose your information. When you use our Service.

Recovendor (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates

Who We Are

Recovendor is a research and analysis firm. We started in 2014. We analyze websites, products, and services to rank them. This helps customers in their research to find the best site, product, or service.

We help millions of users around the world find the best vendors. Also, We have vendors ranked under hundreds of categories.

We are a team of researchers and editors. The team also gets help from editors and contributors around the globe. The team includes categories based on user requests and global search trends.

We rank vendors considering many factors. Like, company and website integrity, traffic, and global ranks. Also, other factors based on the industry, service, or product.

To know more about Recovendor visit the about us page.

Our website address is

Do We Use Cookies

As with any other online website, we use ‘cookies’. We use cookies to store user’s preferences on the page or site visited. This is to optimize your experience on the web page.

For example, we use session cookies to operate the website. Also, preference cookies to remember your settings. Besides, we use security cookies for both user and site safety.

We do not use ad cookies to serve ads to the users. Also, the site does not use third-party services to track users. Also, we do not use any service to serve ads. Hence, we don’t expect your browser to load any third-party cookies.

Do We Collect Any Personal Data

We do not collect any personal data from our users. The site does not have any user tracking tools connected. For security reasons, our hosting provider might look at user IPs.

Also, This is to avoid unwanted traffic and attack on the site. The site acts as an information portal. With users having access to only the content on pages.

Also, we do not have a login required for users to use the website. This avoids any personal information getting stored on the site. Also, we do not have any comment or contact form on the site.

Besides, This avoids the need for collecting user’s personal information.

Do We Share Your Data

Recovendor does not collect any user data. There is no provision on-site for users to enter personal data. So, we don’t have any user data to share with any third-party.

Nowhere in the site, we have sign in or forms for users to enter data. Also, the site does not have a comment section. Besides, we do not have any tracking tools setup on the site.

Also, no ad platforms are there on the website to serve ads. Hence, we do not have any data to share with any third party services.

But, Domain or hosting providers might track user IPs. This is to ensure site safety and security.

How We Protect Your Data

The site has an end to end encryption. Users can access the website on a secure URL with an SSL certificate. We store the data, code, and content on the website on a secure server.

To protect user data, we do not collect any on the site. We have built the site in a way users can use without sharing any data. Also, no third-party tools run on the site.

This means no user data transferred to any other service online. Besides, we store all emails from users to the websites on secure servers.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

Ensuring users are aware of GDPR data protection rights is important. Every user has the right to request a copy of your data.

Also, you have the right to correct any of your personal data. Besides, you have the right to erasure. You can request us to erase any of your personal data.

Also, you have the right to request or object to the processing of data. Besides, you have the right to transfer your data to another firm.

We have up to one month to respond to your request. If you have any requests contact us on

CCPA Privacy Rights

Under CCPA you have the right to request the data collected by the business. Also, you can ask to delete any data collected by the business.

Besides, you can ask the business not to sell your data if they are selling. You can make a request and the business has one month to respond to your request.

If you have any such requests, contact us on

Children’s Information

We do ensure protection for children using the internet. We would request guardians and parents to guide their activity on the site.

The site does not collect any personal information from children under 13.

Privacy Policy: Contact Information

Users can contact the webmaster for any privacy-related queries. Feel free to mail any questions you have to The webmaster will respond to your questions within 48 hours.

Also, read our terms of service before using