11 Top SEO Companies in Malaysia

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LOCUS-T is an Award Winning Internet Marketing Agency, a company that is packed with 18 years of Internet Marketing experience. Often called as an Online Marketing Company as well, we tend to focus in Performance Marketing. In simpler terms, we heavily focus in our clients’ business and marketing objectives. We believe that pushing ads online is easy, but getting real results is hard. That is why with Performance as our main objective, we make sure your KPIs are well taken care off. Internet Marketing is not foreign anymore in Malaysia, it is crucial for any business to strive for growth. With services such as SEO, ranking high on Google is a must for your website. Imagine your potential customers searches for products & services related to your business, but your website is nowhere to be found? That is why in Malaysia SEO is very important to make sure that your website always appears top, so that you could drive valuable traffic to your website and not to your competitors’.

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#2 Nexus Mediaworks

We can help. The Founder of the company has more than 20 years of Internet Business, since the inception of Yahoo and till the revolution of Google. Nexus has been helping small to medium sized businesses improve their Website rankings in search engines and maximize their Website’s potential.We typically begin by conducting a complete analysis of your Website to identify content, design, and structural issues that hinder optimal organic search engine indexing and ranking. Based on our findings, we develop a strategic report that highlights areas that need improvement and recommended courses of action. However, as you might imagine, every SEO campaign is unique and requires a tailored approach to meet each client’s objectives. Contact us today to learn more and receive your free estimate.At Nexus Mediaworks we help buyers to find your website.

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#3 JustSimple

Our professional Malaysia SEO Consultants, SEO Copywriters and Web Designers based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia use a variety of methods to achieve high rankings in natural search engine results. A combination of Content Management System CMS and best practice Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques keep our clients among the most visible on the Internet. Guaranteed Google Top 10 Ranking and Top 10 Ranking on Yahoo and Bing Search Engines with money back offer.We have proven track record of achieving Google Top 10 Rank for even for the most competitive keywords and that too out of millions of search results.Our Money Back Guarantee offers our clients complete piece of mind in knowing that if we do not achieve a Top 10 Google listing within the specified time-line, with any one of your Malaysia SEO keywords/terms, we will refund 100% of the money paid for that keyword/term!

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#4 Simple Internet Communications

Simple Internet Communications is best known as Malaysia top ranked Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company which provides the full gamut of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services of which Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (Google Adwords) are key components.The Internet is a very crowded space with trillion bits of information searched for across all time zones. The fact that you have landed on our website just goes to prove that we were “there” when you searched for SEO services related to our business. And don’t you need to be there when your prospective customers come searching for your type of products and services? Bet your answer is yes, but getting started is another story altogether. The information available about SEM in Malaysia is overflowing with confusion to say the least. The SEO guys will knock the PPC guys and vice versa.

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#5 Malaysian SEO Services

Malaysian SEO Services focuses on your business results. We understand that a successful marketing campaign involves more than back links and great content. We take the extra time to learn about your business needs and to adapt a profitable, cost effective marketing strategy that utilizes the benefits of search engine optimization.An effective SEO strategy helps minimize the cost of your online marketing. A SEO campaign’s success relies on understanding your target market and adapting a seo strategy that meets your business requirements.

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Your website is the first step in reaching out to the digital crowd and its potential will not be fully unleashed until you employ SEO techniques. Working with keywords and locations, SEO helps you target people with ready interest. It works far better than pay-per-click ads (PPC) because organic search results receive three times more clicks than PPC ads. The higher your website is ranked on Google, the more popular it is and the more sales leads you will get. However, your ranking is determined by a Google algorithm that is complex and perpetually changing, making it virtually impossible for businesses to keep up.That’s where we step in. As a professional agency that specializes in quality SEO work, we are transparent – you’ll know exactly where we built your backlinks through a private Client Area. We use industry-leading tools like MOZ, Raven, Wordstream, and Majestic SEO that cost thousands of US dollars a month.

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#7 Adam SEO

We are an SEO Company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization services for the long-term growth of online businesses. We have used our proven SEO Marketing Framework to help business owners like you to start their very own SEO campaign, optimize their websites and get 5 times to 10 times more sales online. We are a team of SEO experts or known as Pakar SEO in Malay language offering SEO consultation services in Malaysia. We constantly share our SEO strategies and tips in this website for small business owner who likes to improve their search engine visibility and get more customer from the internet.

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#8 getRanked

We are Malaysia SEO Company with years of experience in organic search engine optimization. SEO is our main area of expertise and we take it very seriously. We ensure that you get high return on investment (ROI). We implement search engine optimization strategies specially designed for online market of Malaysia. With our expertise in on-page and off-page optimization techniques, We can help you in ranking your website high on all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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#9 Ericanfly

Ericanfly SEO Malaysia provides complete SEO services for your company and brings your website to Google’s Top 10. We blend together the best SEO tactics and serve thousands of clients in Malaysia and worldwide. Our goal is to drive a steady stream of qualified leads to our client’s website through our professional SEO services. We always see all our client as our partners. We will grow with client and make sure our client always comply with Google’s latest search algorithm and stay ahead others in Google, Yahoo and Bing as well!We will advise our client accordingly such as recently mobile friendly website with AMP is important for mobile search results.Thus, we advise our client to convert current website to mobile friendly website in order to have better ranking in mobile search. Moreover, content is still king and Google favour more on the website will regular update with fresh content.

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#10 V Channel

The SEO company in Malaysia has many with different approaches. Their key objectives are to position clients’ websites on page one ranking on Google search engine algorithm. Being ranked on first page on Google search listing is the most visible results that SEO company must deliver among all. It drives many SEO service providers with different agenda. Some SEO company adopts black hat SEO techniques to achieve easiest implementation, aim to shorten their time to delivery. There are sometimes too much promises that will fail with time and market volatility. White hat SEO company, V Channel emphasizes on page search engine optimization, starting with its online marketing strategy, website architectures, content conceptualization and development and into keyword research, development. The keywords are generated from the content of the clients’ pages, which are transpired from online marketing plan. It is tedious and challenging journeys to build a web asset for clients.

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#11 Dreamit Real Solutions

Dreamit Real Solutions is a company which helps to build and develop websites. Besides, our most valuable services is website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing strategies. Having a decade of experiences under our pocket, we are assured of qualities and satisfactory. In Dreamit Real Solutions we present you an adequate and competitive solutions tailored to your needs. In Dreamit Real Solution we encourage people to create a website, engage in the right digital marketing strategies & expand your business ! We will ensure you to fully utilizes the world wide web, search engine, display network & social media to expand your business. It is very often we heard people said that they wanted to do SEO for their website, they wanted to implement PPC for their marketing campaign , they wanted to go viral with social media...etc . Why not just let someone assist you on that?

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