11 Top SEO Companies in Toronto

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#1 Nova Solutions

At Nova Solutions our team of Search Engine Marketing experts in Vaughan have been focusing their efforts on enhancing the exposure and driving search traffic to the Websites of our clientele. With almost a decade of Search Engine Optimization under our belt, we have developed a diversified approach to rank improvement. With significant changes in Google’s algorithm in recent years, prior quick fix methods of improving search ranking are not only useless, but also harmful. The ultimate goal of our SEO campaigns is to organically increase positions, which in turn would result in higher traffic; more visibility and higher conversions. Our experience, resources and tools enable us to design each custom optimization campaign around your business; with long tail keywords, Geo targeting and website structure in mind. As opposed to long, dreadful SEO contracts, which could be so cumbersome and risky, we dissect our SEO services into modules, with a clear goal and timeframe in mind.

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#2 Beattie Tartan

Beattie Tartan is Canada’s leading integrated communications agency with a proud PR and digital marketing pedigree. Founded 31 years ago, Beattie Tartan is one of the fastest growing integrated marketing groups in North America and Europe. Headquartered in London Beattie Tartan has four offices in Canada – Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Victoria. Clients include global, national and local brands spanning 12 industry sectors including health, retail, real estate and tech. Beattie Tartan recently launched its crisis management brand Only Reputation into the Canadian market. Beattie Tartan was founded when Beattie from the UK merged with British Columbia-based travel marketing boutique Tartan specializing in promoting resorts and real estate across Canada and the US. As an integrated PR, digital, social, creative, data and advertising agency, Beattie Tartan combines transformational commercial strategies and big ideas to give clients an exceptional return on investment.

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#3 Edkent Media

Edkent Media, a Toronto SEO marketing & web design company, is your one stop solution for all your online problems. All our services executed are solely based on performance, results and we regularly keep up to date with the latest algorithms developed by prominent search engines. Edkent Media is dedicated to helping business like yours by increasing the page rankings especially on Google, Yahoo, Bing and also help in bringing website visitors with relevant keywords in your industry. We understand the value of your time in this rapid increasing digital age and how important it is to have great visibility of your business digitally. We also understand that every business wants a return on their hard earn invested money. Our motivated and result oriented team always strives to get the best outcome and will always come out with positive results!

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#4 BlueHat Marketing

BlueHat Marketing is a leading company in website design and development, search engine optimization, social media and online marketing. We are a Canadian company with a 100% local, on-site team of experts with over 12 years of experience in all aspects of digital marketing. In addition to developing strategies that increase relevant traffic to a business website, BlueHat Marketing consistently emphasizes the importance of web design in optimizing a business website for converting that traffic, whether it is through compelling landing pages, layouts, graphics, and content. BlueHat Marketing serves a broad range of clients across Canada and the U.S., focusing on providing SEO packages that are fully customized to each individual case.

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#5 G Web Pro

G Web Pro, Toronto’s leading SEO service company consists of highly skilled SEO professionals who use their talents and commendable experience to promote your company’s online exposure. We believe in following unique internet marketing strategies that can bring in more visibility, more leads and more sales.Our consistent effort to pursue the latest technologies in the Online Marketing field has helped our customers grow their business. Our proven track record of success demonstrates our knowledge and achievements.

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#6 Numero Uno Web Solutions

Simply put, we are not your average Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company. Our methods have two very big benefits that a lot of other SEO companies don't share. First, we are a Google Partner. Not all SEO companies can say this and it gives Numero Uno Web Solutions Inc. the advantage of being in the "inner circle" of Google when it comes to updates and best practices. Secondly, our mix of SEO strategies include only industry-recognized tactics that are virtually protected by Google's own set of standards. You will never have to worry that your rankings will suddenly disappear when Google changes algorithms because no matter what Google does, partnering with Numero Uno will ensure your company website always stays at the highest level possible.

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#7 Qode Media

Based in Toronto, Canada, Qode Media is a digital marketing agency, an accredited Google Partner and a Bing Ads Professional. The company offers a full range of inbound marketing automation, Adwords and Bing Ads per-per-click management, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management services. Moreover, the company also provides web design and managed hosting, e-commerce, web, iOS and Android application development to clients in Canada, USA, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Qode Media is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and a member of the Internet Marketing Foundation.

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#8 SEO Gorillas

A global full-service digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, California; our services range from online reputation management (ORM), digital marketing solutions, digital branding and web/mobile development. We aim to service our clients for the long-term relationships; and our notion is to marry affordability with quality, by providing the most competent and highest level of service. We blend perfection with excellence to provide a world class identity for your business. We maintain a strong client base and strong relationships globally, which makes us the most comprehensive and multidimensional entity in the sector. At SEO Gorillas, we believe "Online visibility is the ultimate key to business’s success”. We envision your customer experience and your profitability as our responsibility through innovations and techniques to reach our highest benchmark of excellence.

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#9 Search Engine People

As established leaders in the digital marketing industry, we have been building brands and driving sales with cross-channel, data-driven approach’s for nearly two decades. Evolving from search marketing and small business, tight budgets taught us how to effectively optimize and scale campaigns to earn attention instead of buying it. Resulting in strategies and processes that deliver better results for our small, mid-size, and enterprise clients. It is our lean and agile perspective that led us to become leaders in emerging disciplines, recognized as one of the 100 fastest-growing companies, and Canada’s most trusted inbound marketing agency. We are a team of highly skilled digital marketing and search experts, who are constantly expanding and innovating. Our experts are frequently invited to speak at top-tier industry conferences, write for respected trade and business publications, and are recognized as thought leaders.

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#10 Transcend

Here at Transcend, we focus on the only the most important things that matter in ranking your website on google. This saves both of us money and time that could be spent elsewhere. We pride ourselves on being able to produce real results and make a difference for our clients. Keeping up with the latest changes in the Google Algorithm makes very adaptable and in the long run, we are confident that we will have a large global market share. We focus strictly on SEO so that you can rest in peace knowing that your SEO guys do this day in and day out. We aim to gain mastery in this field and put as much time into this area of digital marketing as humanly possible.

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#11 Delkn

Let’s face it, digital technology is always evolving and if your website is stuck in the dark ages and only optimized for desktop user engagement, then you need to update that dinosaur site. Delkn a leading SEO Company in Toronto being an experienced IT company, specialising in all of your onlinemarketing needs has delivered tangible SEO results to many large and small organizations throughout Canadaand have a portfolio of successful results. Our track record speaks for itself. Take a look at some of our previous clients who put their online SEO strategy trust in us. Our SEO Services Perth team helped our clients reach the first page of Google and many times got those to the top three for certain key terms.

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