VR (Virtual Reality) App Development Companies

VR app development companies review by professionals. Find the best company & developers providing virtual reality app development services.

Top VR App Development Companies

Leap Motion

Leap Motion is a San Francisco-based company whose mission is to remove the barriers between people and technology. Our unprecedented hand tracking lets you reach into virtual and augmented reality to interact with new worlds. Creative studios, educators, and high-tech companies can transform the world with Leap Motion technology. We’re currently partnering with major VR manufacturers to embed Leap Motion technology into mobile VR/AR headsets.

EON Reality

EON Reality is an Irvine, California-based multinational virtual reality software developer. EON Reality is one of the top virtual reality app development companies in the world. We create the next generation of Virtual and Augmented Reality tools to increase the world’s knowledge transfer capabilities. We offer a true cross-platform solution enabling Virtual Reality applications to seamlessly work with over 30 platforms. For individual Virtual Reality experiences, users can have a highly interactive and personal experience with EON Reality’s Personal VR Systems spanning from mobile phones and tablets to desktop solutions.


Marxent is a pioneer in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality services which is headquartered in Kettering, Ohio. It provides solutions for the home furnishings, building products and homebuilding industries. Marxent’s VisualCommerce platform is an award-winning 3D virtual products platform and content management system for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences. The platform enables customers to virtually experience their prospective home purchase and is designed to accelerate purchase decisions at sales centers. VisualCommerce Web VR apps work flawlessly on most desktops or laptop computers.


Virtalis is a global leader in Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced visualization. Our products and systems give you the chance to really understand your information and your data, to interact with it and to foster communication. Advanced visualization, simulation and VR offer a valuable return on investment regardless of your industry or role. We will arm you with an essential set of tools to improve your competitive position, make your life more efficient and reduce risk.

Miracle Studios

Miracle Studios is a pioneer at developing unique website design, super engaging games, a marvel game studio and pure organic marketing. We, at Miracle Studios, provide you with the best in class and most updated versions of VR games along with its gaming development services. Miracle Studios is a premier VR Games development company in the entire country. Our team at Miracle Studios has a panel of experts in 3D visualization and simulation which can provide our best solutions related with VR straight from the concept stage to the final deployment. To make your future designs more tangible and realistic we also have our associates from various countries across the globe.

Gravity Jack

Gravity Jack creates custom augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and computer vision solutions for a wide range of industries. Since being Founded in Liberty Lake, Washington in 2009, Gravity Jack has grown into one of the most respected digital agencies in the world, offering fully custom mobile apps, augmented reality, virtual reality, 360º video experiences, computer vision and more to a wide and ever-growing range of private, commercial and defense clients. Our in-house team of American developers and computer vision specialists get to work, turning your project into a functioning reality!


NEXT/NOW is a creative technology agency that produces next-generation digital/physical experiences for world-class brands. We build mind-blowing, fully interactive, and incredibly sticky 360° video and CGI Virtual Reality experiences for Brands and Events. From concept to execution, our VR Chicago based in-house team delivers world-class content every time. NEXT/NOW designs custom virtual reality solutions for every project and platform, ensuring that the experience is as unique as the brand it represents. NEXT/NOW knows how to streamline design in VR, ensuring each journey goes beyond optimization to delightful.


GoodWorkLabs is a premier award-winning mobile app development and game development company. At GoodWorkLabs, we are in the business of creating visually rich web and mobile Virtual Reality (VR) Games for our clients. Our Virtual Reality (VR) Game Development team creates sensatory VR (Virtual Reality) Gaming experiences that are amongst the best in the world. GoodWorkLabs has some of the best Virtual Reality (VR) Game Developers and Designers in the industry. We develop Virtual Reality (VR) Games that are stimulating and immersive.


Cognitive Clouds is one among the first agencies ever certified for Google Cloud and Android development. We develop virtual and augmented reality apps for top companies. Utilize VR and AR to create innovative eCommerce experiences, which let your customers try on clothes virtually or preview new furniture within their homes. We continuously test your AR and VR applications with end users to develop simple product experiences that improve everything from productivity to profitability. We partner with ambitious, game-changing, and forward-looking companies to design and develop VR and AR products people love.

Spinview Global

Create and Share Virtual Reality Experiences with Spinview Global. With our range of unique virtual reality and influencer marketing services, you will stand out from the crowd with your marketing communications. We deliver the whole package from initial photo shoots through to fully hosted solutions including Virtual Tours, 360° Product Images and 360° Video Production with sharing, blogger outreach and tracking capabilities. We work with many different types of businesses, so contact us to see how we can make virtual reality tours work for you.