Top Wearable App Development Companies

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List of Top Wearable App Development Companies

Wearable app development companies list rated by professionals. Find the best wearable app development company & developers in USA, India, Bangalore & more.

1. Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions is an award-winning mobile and app development company. We have been rewarded by many prestigious organizations for our excellent services. We provide an integrated service offering that includes strategic consulting and customer research, graphic design, as well as the development and implementation of world-class e-business applications. We're here to enhance your services with a completely new customer-engagement story that will be relished by generations to come. We offer groundbreaking wearable development services to fulfill various business, customer and enterprise purposes. For all those businesses having a mobile app and seeking to make it a wearable compatible app, we can be your best partners.
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2. Appus Studio

Appus will make your application look great on Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, and Moto Watch devices and provide the perfect user experience. Appus designers can generate concepts that will fit the Apple Watch screen perfectly, keeping all features in the right place to provide maximum information, with organized and clear functions. They will provide more granular customization of backgrounds, accents and live dials to make your mobile app look perfect and feel comfortable on the unique Moto 360 circular screen. Appus developers will create the perfect UI for Samsung Gear so users can easily access incoming notifications and alerts, send payments straight from the wrist, take advantage of 4G LTE connectivity so they can leave their phones at home, and much more!
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3. BrickSimple

BrickSimple LLC is a software development company that is dedicated to the creation and delivery of innovative applications on desktop, web, and mobile platforms. We are a team of professionals that are passionate about software, programming, and information technology. With clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to start-up companies, we are recognized as one of the leading boutique mobile and wearable application developers in the United States. While some firms have just begun working with these technologies, our mobile application development portfolio spans nearly a decade. During the Google Glass era, we established a reputation as one of the best-known glassware developers in the world. One of our projects, working with artist David Datuna, is the subject of an award-winning documentary being released in Summer, 2016.
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4. Creative Glance Technologies

Creative Glance Technologies is leading and globally accepted website design company for e-commerce website development and open source customization. Wearable technology is one of trending topics in electronics and technology industries that gradually making its impact on individual’s mind. We at Creative Glance are always ahead to adopt new technologies and also train our developer’s skill to provide better development experience to our client. We already have sharpened our skills for Android Wear and Apple iWatch apps development. Having strong android apps development portfolio of 300+ apps since 2011, Creative Glance has now talented programmers and creative UI designers to start working on your next Android wear apps development projects. With years of experience in iOS apps development, Creative Glance is ready to develop most creative and innovative iWatch apps.
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5. Whalla Labs

A team of software developers experienced in creating mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. We have designed great UX, interfaces, and graphics. Since the beginning of the emergence of wearable technology, we’ve been following its development, looking forward to getting involved in creating it ourselves. And here we are, proud to be able to say we delivered our first wearable projects, for Swimmo and uBirds.
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6. doodleblue Innovations

doodleblue is a boutique creative technology solutions consulting firm. Our focus is to help entrepreneurs, start-ups & businesses succeed with their technology solutions -develop an e-commerce portal or a quirky mobile application idea or a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution for corporate clients. In addition to the services, we do develop products as well and this effort is spear-headed by our R&D department that works on cutting edge technologies like Augmented Reality, OCR, Google glasses, etc. After smartphones, the smarter wearable products are taking the technology world by a storm. Our Silicon Valley geniuses have been intrigued by wearable devices’ potential and have been exploring its capabilities. We are one among the few partners of Google Glass explorer’s program. From healthcare apps to social media apps, our iOS wearable application development team has mastered in all.
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7. Peerbits

Peerbits is a global, web and app development company, with proven expertise in delivering customized mobility solution. Our expertise in the wearable device apps development got accompanied with dedication, knowledge, and the zeal to explore the possible future made us deploy creative and innovative applications every time. At Peerbits, our primary focus is to design wearable applications which not only ease the standard of living, but we also make sure it works flawlessly. Be it smart watches, or the glasses, our team takes all necessary boulevards to create and design an application that takes user experience to entirely new standards. We have unmatched experience of working on various niches, which is followed by a big list of satisfied clients.
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8. Codiant Software Technologies

Codiant is a new Startup Republic, a home to next generation technology services with a hotbed of talent, imbued with a strong entrepreneurial culture. After smartphones, Wearable technology is the talk of the world right now. Until recently, jumping into the world of smartwatches and other handy wearables was a risky move. But now, with competent efforts put forward by Google with Android Wear, Apple with watchOS, and more, there's never been a better time to strap up with wearable technology. Being a leading Wearable Devices App Development company, Codiant’s tech enthusiasts have been intrigued by the tricky blend of abilities veiled in the wearable devices and their talent wires are set to build groundbreaking wearables applications for bootstrapping entrepreneurs, startups, and large enterprises.
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9. Exaud

Exaud is an established software development and technical consultancy company providing custom software solutions. We have a rich heritage of creating innovative software products and providing development services to startups, medium-sized companies and large enterprises. We are a company specialized in three key areas: Embedded systems and applications, Mobile Application Development, Wearables and Internet of Things. We build software experiences for wearable devices. We help you to design, develop and launch the perfect wearable app. We architect the software backend for your wearable for speed and scalability, optimize the interfaces for your users, and build engaging to use companion applications.
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10. Prismetric

Prismetric is a venture of two technocrats having their individual core expertise in mobile solutions, web solutions, CRM solutions and Business Intelligence solutions. From customer-centric wearable solutions that improve user engagement to cutting-edge enterprise grade applications that bring cost optimization and productivity gains for businesses –we as a wearable application development company encompasses all. Our wearable app developing services ranges from creating smart and intuitive apps for wearable devices to designing technology solutions that integrates with a range of sensors and devices to empower your mobility. Considering the need of Android wearable devices, we leverage Android Wear API and Android Wear platform to design beautiful UI that runs smoothly and hassle-free. From reliable healthcare apps to utility or business apps, our developers can deliver the best of wearable technology. We harness Apple WatchKit to improve functionalities of the apps.
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11. Octal Info Solution

Octal Info Solution Private Limited is a global IT service provider with its strong presence in UK, USA, Singapore and India. The company has the reputation of delivering niche solutions in the areas of the web and mobile app development. With rapid technological advancements in the mobile arena we have seen several of innovative technologies emerge, such as Wearables. At Octal, we are a leading mobile development company offering best-in-class user experience for mobile and wearable devices. We develop customized and customer-centric applications running flawlessly on wearable devices comprising of smartwatches and glasses. The apps developed by us help enterprises and individuals get customized, business-aligned and user-centric solutions to develop applications that leverage wearables.
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12. Stanfy

We are an app design and development company specializing in software solutions for mobile, wearable devices and connected electronics (IoT). Defining product concept through UX research, UX/UI design, agile software development, quality assurance and common sense - we ensure your product is ready to be launched on time and in high quality. We create software for iPhone/iPad, Android devices, Apple Watch, Android Wear, Pebble, customize Android firmware and make software that works with IoT sensors and boards. Stanfy was one of the first companies who started developing apps for Pebble and the Apple Watch.
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13. MoveoApps

Premium Mobile Apps Development Company specialized in developing native as well as hybrid mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android, and Windows. We also help increasing awareness of apps through our strategic Mobile Apps Marketing services. With a successful track record of creating custom wearable apps for smartwatches and lifestyle & fitness trackers, we got what it takes to build highly effective wearable apps. Our development team can proficiently use the Apple WatchKit SDK, Android Wear SDK and coupled with their immense hardware/electronic design and development expertise, there is no doubt our wearable apps can satisfy all your expectations.
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14. July Rapid

July Rapid is an innovation and design-focused mobile app development services team of July Systems that works with small businesses, funded startups and large enterprises to build iPhone, iPad, Android, IoT and Wearable applications. In the fast changing mobile application industry, we continue to pioneer the creation of top-class experiences for mobile and wearable devices. We’ve groomed some of the finest design and engineering talents for wearable application development. Innovation and design focused professional services team of July Systems is all set and prepared to work with bootstrapping entrepreneurs, startups and large enterprises to build applications for wearables.
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15. IndiaNIC

At IndiaNIC, we help our clients develop compelling stories, then bring these stories into the marketplace through exceptional Apps, Websites and Games. Wearables have flourished in the past year. A plethora of new smartwatches have arrived in all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs, and We’re here to bring new features and functionalities to everyone’s wrist. We can help you develop Google Glassware from ground up or work in conjunction with your existing IOS or Android Apps, using Google Mirror API to create innovative, useful and fun apps for the device. Coupled with innovative design practices, our focus is to provide end-to-end digital, technology and marketing services to small businesses, enterprises and startups.
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16. Appinventiv

Appinventiv is a team of Developers, Designers, and Strategists passionately pursuing the cutting edge of mobile apps that are custom built to exceed client expectations. Rapid technological advancements in mobile space have given birth to some pioneering technologies like Wearables. And, being a leading mobile development company, we at AppInventiv continue to pioneer the best-in-class user experiences for mobile and wearable devices. We develop customized and customer-centric applications that run flawlessly on wearable devices including smartwatches and glasses. Our developed wearable apps are helping enterprises and individuals in getting customized, business-aligned and user-centric solutions. Being an Innovation and design-led organization, AppInventiv is all set and prepared to work with the passionate entrepreneurs, start-ups, and big brands to develop applications that leverage wearables.
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17. Softeq

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Softeq Development Corp. is a niche expert in firmware engineering, embedded systems, advanced web solutions and mobile product development, including assistive technology solutions. Softeq has an eye toward technology: having started from electronics design and embedded software development and expanded into the web and mobile directions, today Softeq’s engineers are capable of delivering on hardware, software, and networking lines. Such a gamut of skills perfectly fits into the required expertise, rarely found at a single company, to put a wearable technology undertaking into practice. Softeq has worked with a variety of fitness trackers with heart-rate monitors, pedometers, sleep sensors, including the iWatch and Android Wear-powered devices.
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18. Verve Systems

Verve Systems believes in delivering quality solutions in an integrated manner. Our solutions are meant to meet the entire array of your business needs. This helps your business to realize and unlock the potential in its entirety without any caveats. Wearable application development has become the latest craze for capturing the attention of prospects. Increasing interest coupled with the varied use of these devices make them a most sought amongst the business houses and common people. Verve Systems excel in developing cutting edge apps that resonate with your users and make their lives easy.
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19. Sunflower Lab

Sunflower Lab is premier mobile & web development company with 40+ people across two continents with three offices in Ohio, New Jersey & India. Sunflower Lab team believe it is the quality that spearheads value, nurtures customer satisfaction & serves our clients’ business. Our relationship with Client based on simple communication and trust. Sunflower team determined to customer satisfaction and service excellence. Sunflower Lab gives best-in-class user experiences on wearable and mobile devices to the clients. Our wearable application development enables you to make your business technology friendly. We use latest tools and technology to help you reach new customers in your industry.
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